Corporate Funding Profile: Casey’s General Store

Casey’s General Store
HQ: Ankeny, IA
Employees: 37,205

Company Overview

Casey’s General Stores, Inc. operates more than 2,000 convenience stores in 16 Midwestern states. Casey’s offers self-service gasoline, a wide selection of grocery items and an array of freshly prepared food items. Among the most popular of Casey’s prepared foods are their made-from-scratch pizzas, donuts, subs and sandwiches. Casey’s operates from two company distribution centers, enabling an approximate delivery of 90% of in-store products as well as 75% of fuel. In 2018, they had $8.4 million in total revenue.

Giving: Casey’s General Store Community

With a vast majority of their stores located in small towns across the Midwest and Southern regions, Casey’s values are rooted in a sense of belonging to these communities. Their stores are often the center of these communities’ activities and a place where people feel welcome to stop by for directions or information about events in town. They belong to the Chamber of Commerce in many of these towns, and they offer financial support to numerous school and community events, as well as community betterment projects.

Casey’s Charitable Giving

With a diverse variety of fundraising activities, Casey’s and its stores contributed more than $4.5 million last year to many community and charitable organizations and events. They receive hundreds of contribution requests each week; therefore, requests must be received at least 20 business days prior to the date of your event. Those communities where we have stores within our 16-state area will be the recipients of our charity dollars. Unfortunately, it is not possible to honor all requests even though most are very worthwhile causes. Organizations are asked to limit their requests to one per calendar year.

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Profile updated: Nov 2018